Matthews Carbine Company
When your safety is not an option, you can have trust in knowing we have your six. 

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Mission Statement and Goal

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most durable and reliable firearms and related products to our customers as we believe that the safety of our customers and their families may just one day depend on them having the best defensive tools available. We will strive daily to produce the highest quality, most rugged and reliable firearms and accessories possible while incorporating all of the functionality and design features needed and wanted by the elite operators or fiercest competitors allowing them to perform critical missions or overcoming their competition without compromise. We will not make the lowest cost items that will draw the masses whose only purchase decisions are based on price alone. Being the lowest cost means purposeful decisions were made to lower the quality of a product by selecting lower cost materials or taking production shortcuts such as not spending the time to fully inspect the products at many stages during the manufacturing process or not inspecting finished products before shipping them. We are a full service Firearms manufacturer and provide retail sales and full service gunsmithing. Our gunsmithing services include traditional and adaptive for our customers with physical limitations or injuries that have been preventing them from enjoying a day out on the range, in the field hunting or just enjoying the greatest freedom on Earth. We will build custom firearms to your specifications. We specialize in Cerakote firearm finishing on all firearms polymer and steel and anything you want coated.

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